Scholarship Application Instructions




DEADLINE:  Complete applications, including letters of reference, shall be submitted electronically by midnight, April 15th, 2022. 

The Powell High Alumni Scholarship award (minimum $1500), paid in two installments of ½ the scholarship amount for each of the first two terms of a four-year accredited University.  Students attending a two-year college may apply and, if selected, will be awarded the scholarship within four years of high school graduation if/when they show proof of transferring to a four-year accredited University.  A student must carry at least 12 hours non-remedial work each quarter or semester and have a least a 2.5 grade point average to receive money from the scholarship after the first quarter or semester.  

Criteria:  Candidate must….

  • Be a graduating senior and accepted to an accredited college or university OR accepted at community college, with intent of continuing education at an accredited four-year college after community college. 
  • Must not have received scholarship(s) for more than 90% tuition in other scholarship monies, excluding the Hope Lottery Scholarship, nor attend at school for which costs for tuition/books/rooming is deferred. 

NOTE:  Incomplete Applications will not be considered.  You MUST follow instruction in this package to maintain eligibility for the PHS Alumni scholarship.  This is a blind application, and your ID number is 2022-SR-________, where STUDENT ID is placed in the blanks.  DO NOT use name on any information submitted except what is on the first page.

Only electronic applications will be accepted, and the student name/identification shall ONLY be disclosed on Page 1 of the application.  Names shall not be anywhere else in the application (including essays and letters of reference).  

Page 1 of the application will be used to tie the Student ID to the student name AFTER scholarship selections are made.  

Submittal of Application:

  • The application shall be submitted electronically and shall contain the following: 
    • Page 1 of application.  
    • Pages 2 and 3 of application, with student ID in top right hand corner. 
    • High School Transcript with social security number but no name (hide name with white out, non-transparent tape, or another way that you choose – just make sure name is hidden.  If there are multiple pages of the transcript, make sure your code (2022-SR-________) is used on the pages not containing your social security number. 
    • Essay written by the candidate stating something about yourself and your plans for the future.  (Again, DO NOT use your name/photo or any information that reveals your identity (name, address, etc) in this essay.) 
    • Two letters of recommendation written/signed by non-family member(s).  Letters of recommendation MUST refer to you by your code (2022-SR-________).  Reference letters and file name SHALL NOT identify you by your name. CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION

Submit Application electronically (including letters of recommendation from non-family members) by no later than midnight, April 15th, 2022.    
Questions?  Contact Terri Rose at 865-368-0094